How to search in NRGL Central Search Interface

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    In the left part of the screen there are textual filters called Navigation, namely: document type, persons, keywords, language.
    The navigation for Document type is structured into two levels, e. g., Conference materials are divided into Papers, Collections and Presentations. This navigation shows all types of documents, which may be searched for in NRGL.
    The navigation for People includes authors of documents as well as other persons connected to the creation of the documents, such as the thesis advisor of university qualification theses.
    The navigation for Keywords provides terms in the Czech and English language.
    The navigation for Language offers a choice of two languages available.
    The Keywords and People navigations show a default of 4 terms and a maximum of 25 terms.
    The corresponding number of records is always listed in the navigation for each individual item. The number of records in parentheses may be seen for individual connected source databases in the top toolbar.
    Another search aid is timeline. On the timeline, a particular year or time period may be selected. The respective selection should always be activated using the Use button.
    An inquiry may either be gradually built by a selection of search criteria from the navigation or by entering text into the search window. It is then possible to make the search more precise using the navigation that changes after each refinement and offers only pertinent variants.

    Upon entering the query, the so-called used filters appear left above the navigation. They may be added through refining the inquiry and also eliminated with a simple mouse click.

    Basic information on the document is listed in the centre of the screen. Detailed information including document accessibility appears by placing the cursor on this icon Detail. The title contains an active link either to the digital repository of the National Technical Library or directly to the respective record in the source database. Document availability is controlled by the rules of the document supplier.
    In the right part of the screen, there are flags to switch between the Czech and English interfaces. If the search results are insufficient, links to other international databases of grey literature in the right part of the screen may be used.